​* FREEDOM from past traumas, Emotions, stress, & Addictions! 

* Healing the ROOT Causes of these challenges!   

* How to use Top Professional Therapy tools for rapid & lasting change!

* 6 Hours of Instruction, Discussion, & "Re-wiring" Your Subconscious!  

* Lots of One-on-One Attention as well as Post-Workshop support!

* All supplies needed including a Special "tool-box" to take home!  

​* GUARANTEED to Positively & Permanently change your life!

 Challenges previously solved while in Workshops: 

WonderFULL Wellness Workshops are POWERFULLY transformative & GUARANTEED to change your life ! 

 Get YOUR Hands-On tools for Healing the ROOT causes of Stress, Addiction & Dis-Ease !


* People with Stressful Lives, Family, or Career

* Those ready to earn the trust & respect of their children

* Those of us with rough pasts who are ready for a Fresh Start

* Health-Care Professionals wanting new tools to help their patients

* People with Stess-Related Habits, Addictions, or Dis-Ease 

* Cigarette Smoking                * Pain Control 

* Binge Eating                         * Panic Attacks
* Drug & Alcohol Addiction       * Stress Headaches

​* Fears & Phobias                     * Weight Gain/Loss

​* Sleep Issues/Nightmares       * Thumb Sucking

* Concentration/Memory          * Confidence & Self-Esteem

* Performance Anxiety             * Bad Habits 

* Past Traumas                         * Overcoming Abuse 

What to Expect...

Who should Attend?