(This huge smile belongs to a smoke-free Father!)

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"Everyone knows there's no such thing as a cure-all miracle pill. Still, I am sitting up a lot straighter. I'm not feeling any of the aches and pains I used to any more, and my body moves in ways that used to be a lot more difficult. I'm not nearly as tense, and I used to be really, really tense. Everything seems to be working better: mind, body, soul, and everyday life!" -Kirsten-Hi

"I tried everything from therapy to drugs to meditation and yoga. I just couldn't let go of the pain. Then I learned tools from Corine, and how to use them. Thoughts that had been with me my entire life began evaporating. This included suicidal thoughts which had seemed like my only escape from cruel emotions since I was 13. I am now 31. The Emotions, cruel memories, and even habits of not thinking or feeling are gone now too.  It's kind of hard to believe how fast this works!" K.R. - Hawaii

"I've been thinking about it lot lately. I'm Still smoke free after two and a half years! Thank You again!" :) - Lisa L. -Northern California 

" It's Years later, and I still don't smoke! Thank You Forever! My daughter is most proud. I smoked for 19 years, and really don't believe I could have quit without Corine's Workshop." - Eric B. - Portland