"Chi"  (aka: "Qi")  is our  main power source. It's  our electricity! Chi is the difference between a living healthy being and a cadaver. When animated with life we are continuously emitting & receiving this energy.  Think about when you touch a touch-lamp and it comes on. You touch it again, and it gets even brighter. You contain electricity! You are completing that circuit.

When you bump your leg on the coffee table what's your first reaction?!

Do you place your hands over the pain to send healing electricity ("Chi") to the area? Do you rub it swiftly? It's truly an effective way of speeding up and amplifying a healing electrical charge! 

While practicing Tai-Chi & Qi-Gong you begin tending to your own internal garden. Most people are no longer preoccupied with other's "spiritual weeds" or "greener grasses". You will instead find the internal balance between YOUR OWN brain, emotions, & physical body. 

If you are visiting or are in the Greater Seattle Area and would like to Tai-Chi in the Trees  please 

Tai-Chi is an ancient form of gentle exercise dating back over 2000 years. It has been described as "meditation in Motion", and is practiced by people of almost every age and physical ability. 

  See You in the Trees!


There will be NO CLASS  July 26th due to a scheduled event in the Pond Room .

We will see you back in the trees on Tuesday July 31st.

Blessings & Health Until then!

Tai-Chi & Qi-Gong