Wonderfull Wellness believes we must acknowledge and respect ourselves primarily as SPIRIT BEINGS.

A lot of us blatantly refuse or later regret talking about "Spirit Work", our spiritual gifts, or a true purpose in life.

 It can be easier for people to exist on the physical plane simply as "meat-suits" oblivious to spirit realms surrounding us. Pretending to be a machine, or only as a physical being, is detrimental to you as well as the collective whole. 

I see many people in my office suffering from what I have termed an "E.S.F.U" or, an "Epic Slap from the Universe". 

These are Intensely abrupt (seemingly from no-where) violently intense "re-directions". Often times these cause us to question our sanity. More times than not, these ESFU events are a result of a spiritual "fork in the road".

You've been facing a tough decision, and are now being violently redirected towards the CORRECT path in your life. 

These events (such as: getting fired, grief of a loved one, bankruptcies, illness, eviction, personal failure, etc) can be overcome when we begin to seek the underlying Spirit Work involved with them. Most people feel better when they are in prayer, consult an elder's wisdom, or are in the presence of their spirit. We can easily get re-connected with the most powerful and abundant parts of our being through intention, prayer, and spiritual cleansing.

Wonderfull Wellness believes we must acknowledge and respect ourselves as SPIRIT BEINGS if we are to fully balance the mind & body as a whole. We use our learned tools, sense of humor, along with intention and intuition to heal from the inside out. 

Please contact us with any special challenges or concerns you think might be related to spirit work, your spiritual gifts, or an "ESFU" event. 

​We are listening and here to help! 

Spirit Work