As humans, we go in and out of MANY different altered states of consciousness throughout the day.  It is a natural and simple process that you'll want to master! Think about when you wake up very early before you have had your coffee or tea. You are most definitely in an altered mental state. One that might not be conductive to lengthy math problems, or vigorous physical exercise. If you have ever day-dreamed while driving and missed your exit  you have experienced an altered stated of consciousness. We go in and out of these mostly without being aware. 

Hypnotherapy accesses powerful and positive altered states to transform our bodies, minds, and lives! 

When a professional athlete is "in the zone" lining up their shot or focusing on the finish line ahead  they are simply recalling a learned altered state of consciousness.

 Depending on your specific challenge or issue we work together to get to the ROOT cause. From there, we begin clearing and creating  a new positive  life! Everyone learns, thinks, and processes differently, so each session and process is varied for your specific needs and goals.

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*  Have you ever wondered what exists inside your subconscious mind?

*  Why do some people continue cycles of negative habits, patterns, behaviors, low self esteem, addictions , etc?

*  What can YOU do to right now to actively create a new positive future?