Corine Tilson, cHt, nlp, CCA 

Corine is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, and Essential Oil Specialist . After graduating school almost two years early and spending decades in the medical field as a surgical assistant, pharmaceutical, and radiologic technician she discovered the power of Holistic Healing. 

Teaching people how to discover the ROOT CAUSE of dis-ease without drugs or surgery has been her passion ever since!  

Corine has witnessed and assisted in the delicate balance between physical, emotional, and chemical health. All of us are very different,  and we've experienced varied layers of stress and imbalance. Custom Hypnotherapy sessions and Hands-On workshops are available for those ready to be free from stress, anxiety, "bad" habits, compulsions, negative thought patterns, and even self sabotage. Many people are using the power of their minds & the tools learned from Wonderfull Wellness for positive lasting change.  

Corine believes it is important to have a "no-risk" way of exploring your options and our services. If you would like to know if Hypnotherapy could work for your specific challenge, and are in (or visiting) the Seattle area please contact us for a Complimentary Initial Consultation.  



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